Gull Pond. ... I enter the waters of the pond I first toe-touched when I was a little boy & now I see my mother was right - all time is about a second long. But, o, what we may do in this precious and shimmering moment.

Years have drifted away in the heart-beat of this gathering all my books by the banks of this sweet pond, linking all dreams together at the Shrine Of The Spruce.

The land is being cleared, the log cabin has been built; we all need to find our shelter, we now carry our books to the place where writers and readers gather.

This is now our pond, and I welcome all.

You'll see other blogs that I started and left quickly over the years, but today, I'm here for this very nano-beat.I am back to the sweet swimming of my childhood.

There are no waves, and it is always sunrise no matter how old we are supposed to be.

What does all this have to do with getting my books out to the world?  Everything. This is now the digital world of the eternal moment.

I want this to be a writing in and of itself, as the blog threads together the books.

This is to become the pond where I gather together the books, the songs, the films, and the trail of dreams that I have carried and collected for all my life... now I want my books to join the tale-spinning globe - I trust that you'll join me. The blog begins anew in March of 2017.